Friday, September 26, 2014

Card Game Design Part 3

In last week’s class our group started finalizing the rules and mechanics of the game. After going back and fourth discussing how we should mix our four different card types, we decided that we will stick with our idea of having four separate decks which are characters, items, action, and ultimate character cards. We also fine-tuned some of the other rules of the game. It was decided that in the beginning of the game each player is dealt 2 characters, 2 items, and 2 action cards. The player to the left of the dealer then starts the game. We were also able to come up with the long list of movies, videogames, and TV shows characters that will make our characters deck.    

We were faced by the problem of how to encourage players to draw item cards even though the goal of the game is to collect two of each character type. So, we made a major change to our game in which we decided that the character cards will have no attack/defense and will acquire these statistics from the item cards. So in order to be able to attack other characters/defend your own characters one must equip his characters with item cards.

-Mina Mikhail  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Card Game Design Part 2

During our last meeting in class, our group had to establish the core mechanics and create an ultimate goal for our card game.  One of the issues we faced was trying to remove the player elimination factor that was part of the original card game idea, which was also affecting the core mechanics.  We went back and forth discussing many different ideas and finally decided to incorporate ideas from some of the other card game proposals in our group to discard the player elimination factor.  We established that the goal of our game would be to collect two character cards from each of the three categories (T.V characters, movie characters and video game characters) and one ultimate card to win.  We also established two components that are part of the core mechanics.  First, on every turn, each player will draw one action card and one character card or one item card.  Once the cards have been draw, the player will have an option to play the action card or battle with one of their character cards.  Out next goal is to establish the rules of the game.  Although the parameters of the game are still the same, it has changed significantly from its original version.

-Soha Ali

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Card Game Design Part 1

This past week in class our group decided which card game we were going to design. As the group leader I lead a discussion in which every member of the group presented their card games. After the presentation we discussed as a group the pros and cons of the games. We decided that our favorite game was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Card Game. This was the game presented by Drew. We loved the concept of the game and liked how you could play as your favorite tv/movie/video game characters. The basic concept of the game is that each player will have 3 character cards that each have their own attacks and defenses. Each player will also get 3 item cards that will help in their strategy of the game. Each player will take turns "battling" each other. The original concept of the game did have player elimination however we briefly discussed a few ways to get rid of that to make it a more enjoyable game for the players. We will be discussing those ideas further this week. We know that the game will take some work in order to for it to be successful, but as a group we are willing and eager to work on it.

-Keemia Abad