Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Card Game Design Part 1

This past week in class our group decided which card game we were going to design. As the group leader I lead a discussion in which every member of the group presented their card games. After the presentation we discussed as a group the pros and cons of the games. We decided that our favorite game was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Card Game. This was the game presented by Drew. We loved the concept of the game and liked how you could play as your favorite tv/movie/video game characters. The basic concept of the game is that each player will have 3 character cards that each have their own attacks and defenses. Each player will also get 3 item cards that will help in their strategy of the game. Each player will take turns "battling" each other. The original concept of the game did have player elimination however we briefly discussed a few ways to get rid of that to make it a more enjoyable game for the players. We will be discussing those ideas further this week. We know that the game will take some work in order to for it to be successful, but as a group we are willing and eager to work on it.

-Keemia Abad

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