Thursday, October 9, 2014

Developments in our game

Talked about switching the name of the game to something involving cross-over battles in another universe. We tried different ways of playing the game. We originally began by having all of the piles face-down. Then, we ran a trial with the character cards face-up to give the player a choice of who to choose. We also changed the rules so to have the Ultimate Cards have a unique ability each and so all face-up throughout the entire game. This change gives the player more choices when deciding at which point in the game they would like to receive the character card. We decided to add specific effects to each character pertaining to each character. For example, Dexter can destroy another card and Sonic would always be able to attack first in battle. We made this change to incorporate our them into the mechanics of our game. We want it to feel like you are actually developing a team from different TV, Movie, and Video Games characters.

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